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In Memoriam
(1995) Mr. Jonathan M. Bowie

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that a dear friend of his (like a buddy back in the colgele/university days) moved back in town for at least 6 months after several years of being away pursuing opportunities somewhere in a nondisclosed place. For some strange reason, this friend never called him nor informed him in anyway that he's back in town. My friend only learned of the fact from a mutual friend of theirs. Despite the great disappointment, my friend never took it too personal and managed to avoid thinking about it too much. Though I think he's in denial, I respect his choice as I have no constructive opinion provided for him either. But interestingly, my friend told me that his sis bumped into his friend, and had a chat at the mall. So I guess they used to be quite close cuz even his sis can chat with his friend. Now, my friend is wondering what I would do if I were him, and bumped into his friend at some unknown place. I have no idea.