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In Memoriam
(1984) Ms. Catherine M. Rich

My dearest friend whom I met on the steps of Briggs Hall on our first day as freshmen, women. We know you as Catherine Moynahan. She was a brilliant and entertaining companion. But with that goes infuriating traits also. Late for deadlines, dishevelled and disorganised, difficult to deal with for room mates. But all her friends in Adams House both admired her and loved her. She died young when married with a three year old son. She died in a hit and run accident on Leap Year's Day 1984. This was the first funeral we had to attend of one of our classmates. A searing experience for us all. But we never forgot the impact she had on us. I sat in Mem Church with other friends of hers at the 25th reunion and thought of her absence.

Antonia Cunliffe

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