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In Memoriam
(2000) Mr. Thomas A. Simond

i felt that edisonization much betetr than edisonlization...And the other define should be includes, e-ethic and d-destroyed i-ignored s-silly o-oriented n-node in new generation.Ethic- Destroyed and Ignored person with Silly-Oriented Noder in the HK new generation.


Dude you are so damn right. You can't be more correct. But polepe just fail to realize that being a boss is never an easy job. There isn't really any instant perks. The only thing you get is that you are building a brand of your own that can carry on with you as time goes by. Whereas, if you are just an employee and you have nothing when you leave your position, regardless of which big firm you used to work at. Once you are gone, you are gone, forever.