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Paula Romaine Brindeiro

PDF of one page of "Direito & Justiša" supplement to local newspaper, CORREIO BRAZILIENSE/2005, by Paula Brindeiro. Topic: Bush's nomination of Roberts to Supreme Court of the United States/ in portuguese.

Holly Weeks

This is a jacket image of my new book--Failure to Communicate: How Conversations Go Wrong and What You Can Do to Right Them. It is being published by Harvard Business School Publishing and will be out in Spetember 2008.

On display in Quincy House JCR

Let’s celebrate our varied inspirations, innovations and discoveries.

This year the 35th Reunion will feature and exhibit of creative works by classmates.

Please send ONE CONTRIBUTION ONLY (exhibit space is extremely limited) in one of the following categories:

Books you have written, edited or co-authored
Magazines of which you are an editor
Articles, stories, poems, reviews, etc. which you have written
Illustrations, cartoons, comic strips you have drawn
Smaller art work, photos, photos of larger art works
Catalogues of art exhibits in which you have participated
Material representing electronic publications you have written or edited
Recordings of music you have composed

Submitting your work

Your submission must arrive no later than May 16th if it is to be included. Please send the Memorandum of Transmittal together with the material to:

Class of 1973 Creative Works Exhibit
Michelle Grdina
Harvard Alumni Association
University Place
124 Mt. Auburn Street, 6th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138

Also send an email to with a digital image attached of the object and suggested caption, so we can post it in a Online Gallery on this web site.

The material you contribute will be returned at the end of the exhibit if you so request. You may also pick up your item when you depart from the Reunion. Any item not indicated for return will be offered to the appropriate Harvard Library. Questions about the exhibition may be directed to Michelle Grdina at or 617-495-5301. Your committee very much hopes that you will participate, as your personal contribution will add to the quality of the Reunion itself. But remember one item only, please.