Is there a Typical Graduate of H-R 1973 DRAFT


But here are some fun facts we learned.

You are a lawyer with 2.0 children and over 45% of you are empty nesters. 14% are divorced. 18% have been unfaithful to their partner. You have not had a mid-life crisis (so effectively you are home free, since mid-life is in your rear view mirror!).

You say you are in excellent health, although it is not as good as the 30th, primarily because you have started to feel…well…old. 20 % have had a major illness, and 37% have sought psychiatric help (down from 60% at the 25th…what happened?).

Twice as many diet today versus 1973, only 34 classmates admitted to using recreational drugs, and you are drinking more coffee as a class. Your alcohol use has changed little over the 35 years (hard to believe!)

Over 16% of the men have had prostate issues and 78% of women respondents are through menopause. On the ‘73 Happiness index (scale of 1 to 7) You are most happy with your family/personal choices followed closely by your life overall. You are least happy about your sex life, but it’s a 5 on a weighted average out of 7 (not bad).

46% of you say you are very satisfied with your job; since our 30th 10% have changed/downsized jobs, and 5% moved to more altruistic endeavors. 72% have been unemployed 1-2 times, and 20% 3-5 times. So much for Baby Boomer job security…or is it you got pissed and quit!

When you go to work only 16% of you still have to go formal.

Most would say they are spiritual and less would say they are religious. A lot of you are still atheists, and even more have become agnostics. 60% do not partake in organized religion.

The vast majority are registered to vote and a like amount vote regularly. 61% claim to be Democrats, 20% independents, and 15 % republicans. 67% say they will vote for Sen. Obama in the general election.

¾ of you spend 6 to 24 hours per week on the Internet, and almost half of you watch too much TV (6+ hours per week). Come on people, let’s get out and walk!

Over 60% said the HR experience was very good or excellent and most say they would attend HR again but in a different way. The majority of you have household income of between $ 200M and $ 2 MM.

Amazingly, 101 respondents had children apply to Harvard, and 61% were accepted. Either brilliant kids and/or generous donations…The Harvard College Fund thanks you.!!

Thanks to all who responded. We had over 300 Reponses in 12 days versus 252 in over 3 months for the 30th.

The Survey Committee