Harvard 35th Reunion Survey

Some Funny Cross-Tabs:

1) Does your political party determine if you have been unfaithful to your partner?

In a cross analysis between your political affiliations… Independents were the most likely to be unfaithful to their partners. They were unfaithful about 20% of the time. Democrats were second, and were unfaithful 17% of the time.

2) Graduation Slackers and the Slacks your wear to work

If you were a slacker and missed our graduation in 1973, you are more likely to work in casual workplace today. Makes sense. BUT… a few of you slackers have managed to get back on track and get jazzed up for work in formal wear.

3) Empty Nesters and Sex Life…

Surprisingly, having the house to yourself because you are an empty nester doesn’t mean the improved sex life that was promised to you!

4) Prostate Issues and Bathing in 1973

Not surprisingly, 100% of the non-bathers in 1973 have prostate issues today.

5) Body dissatisfaction and mid-life crisis

Luckily, it wasn’t the extra inch around the waist that led you into a mid life tailspin… it was probably something else, like your boss, or your kids!

6) Gay Marriage and Evolution

Strongly agreeing with gay marriage also means you believe in evolution…Still, we can thank God for creating sanity in those first six days.

7) Does your political party determine how often you masturbate?

It’s a tie! Republicans took the cake by a fraction of a percent, but about 20% of Democrats and Republicans report masturbating either often or too much!