Day and Nighttime Care

Will there be nighttime care?

Children staying on campus in the Rainbow (18 months-2 years) and Canary (3-5 years) and Grape Group (6-8 years) will have an assigned night sitter each evening. The sitter will accompany children to their rooms and stay with them until their parents return. The Reunion fee includes these babysitting services; however, if the sitter is also asked to watch siblings 5 years of age or younger who are not registered in the daytime program, it is recommended that you pay an additional $10.00 for each night that your children are being watched. This fee should be paid directly to the sitter. Children 9 years or older staying on campus (Red Group and older) will have group a supervisor outside their dorms at night.

What about daytime activities for the children?

Children ages 6 years and up will be assigned to specific counselors whom you will meet during the group orientation sessions that are scheduled for Wednesday evening. Each group has its own headquarters and daytime and evening activities. Please check each group’s schedule as some days, the children leave at 9:30am and it is not possible to join that group until they return at 5pm. While the counselors and directors are well trained and experienced, they need your cooperation to ensure that the programs run safely and smoothly. Please be sure to inform your child’s counselor or group director if your child will be withdrawn from a scheduled activity so that the group does not wait for your child unnecessarily.