What is the Children’s Program?

The Children’s Program is a program of activities offered to the children of alumni attending their 25th and 35th Reunions. We anticipate that approximately 900 children and young adults from 18 months to 18+ years will be participating in 2008.

Age groups

While you are enjoying your Reunion activities, your children will be participating in a carefully managed program of age appropriate activities designed to entertain them and introduce them to new friends and experiences. Children are assigned to groups according to their ages: Rainbow (18 months-2 years), Canary (3-5 years), Grape (6-8 years), Red (9-10 years), Blue (11-12 years), Green (13-14 years), Orange (15-17 years), and Young Adults (18+ years). Each group has its own headquarters and scheduled activities, although there will be some all-family gatherings as well. We regret that we cannot provide care for children younger than 18 months of age, although you may bring your own sitter with you.

Special Needs

If your child has a disability that might require special assistance or limited participation in the program, please contact the University Disability Coordinator at Ph: (617) 495-1859, TDD: (617) 495-4801 or marie_trottier@harvard.edu by May 16, 2008.

Daily schedule

It is recommended that a parent escort children to the appropriate age-specific group headquarters, or point of departure, every day. Each group of sons and daughters will generally have their own full program.

Breakfast has been scheduled daily to allow families to plan accordingly so their sons and daughters can join their groups in time for the first activity. It is very important that parents notify us whenever a son or daughter will not participate in a scheduled activity. Entire groups are delayed if a child is unaccounted for. Try to notify a counselor directly, or fill out one of the sign-out sheets at the information desk at registration, if your child(ren) will not be participating. You may also telephone the Children's Program Headquarters in Phillips Brooks House at 495-2881 or -2882 and inform the student on duty.

If you have signed your child (ren) up for the evening activities, please meet up with the group at the start of dinner. This is when the evening portion officially begins. It is the parent's responsibility to locate their child's counselors/directors at this time. Rainbow and Canary children need to be dropped off at their headquarters (Holworthy Basement and Thayer Basement respectively by 5:00 pm SHARP for night-time sitting.

If you would like to have your child(ren) join the day's activities once the day has begun, please first proceed to Phillips Brooks House. The HAA staff will give you the cell phone number of the appropriate group director to call to coordinate a meeting. If the child(ren) can not meet up with the group, they will be able to stay at Phillips Brooks House until the group returns.

Children departing the childcare program should check out with their counselor at breakfast. Parents may also leave a sign-out sheet at the information desk and the appropriate counselor will be notified.

If you are commuting to Harvard, please make arrangements with your child’s counselor or director so that after evening activities, your child will be brought to Phillips Brooks House to be looked after until you return from your evening event. No night sitters, night counselors or babysitters will baby-sit children off-campus.

After evening events, counselors will escort Rainbow Canary, Grape, Red, Blue, Green and Orange Group children to their rooms. Rainbow Canary and Grape Group nighttime counselors will look after children in their rooms. Night counselors for Red, Blue, Green and Orange children will be on duty in the entries of the dormitories. Babysitters, night sitters and night counselors will be on duty until 12:30 am. Grape Group children will have a night sitter in their room. Please plan accordingly.

On Wednesday, parents and children are asked to attend an orientation meeting at each group’s respective headquarters to meet the group directors, counselors and groupmates. Counselors will escort the children to their rooms (except Young Adult Group).

On Saturday, sons and daughters will attend the 25th Reunion Field Day with their groups at the Harvard Athletic Area. Children will travel to the Harvard Athletic Area Saturday morning to get a head start on the day.

Adults-only events

Please be sensitive to your classmates and do not bring children to symposia, panel discussions or the memorial service. Children under 9 years of age do not attend the evening at the Pops. Unless otherwise expressly noted in the program, we ask that parents not bring children to adult events.

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