We encourage you to take advantage of University housing during the Reunion. The increased opportunities to renew old friendships and begin new relationships add another level of richness to the Reunion experience.

Approximately 3,000 classmates and family members of the 25th, 35th and 50th Reunion classes, undergraduates working for Reunions and Commencement, and College seniors will be housed at Harvard during Commencement week. Therefore, if you want to be sure of being housed in the dormitories, please register by the deadline of May 16th, 2008. Housing in the dorms cannot be guaranteed after this date. If you decide not to take advantage of University housing, you may choose the “no housing” option when you register .

The price for University Housing package is $160 for 4 nights per person. This is in addition to the Events package of $600 or $550 (guest/spouse). You may also choose to stay part time in Housing at $45 per night per person, and you can register for Events by day if you are not going to all of them.

When you are ready, go to the registration page. The registration deadline is May 16th, 2008. After that date, an additional $75.00 will be added.

We hope you will be comfortable in the rooms to which you have been assigned. Upon arrival, you should find your rooms tidy, with beds made and fresh towels on hand, as well as soap, bath mat, water glasses, trash bags, and essential furniture.

You may exchange used towels for fresh ones in the Quincy House JCR. Towels are provided at Blodgett Pool for swimmers. Bed-making is "self-service."

If you reside in a House and require assistance, the House Superintendents’ offices will be open 24 hours a day. If you find the Superintendent's office unattended at a particular time, security guards may be on rounds and should return shortly.

In some of the Houses and Yard dorms, doors may not lock automatically but must be locked by a key. Please check your doors. Every member of your party will be issued a swipe card for access into the buildings. Please keep this card with you at all times. If lost, replacement swipe cards are available at Qunicy House.

If you did not register for the entire Reunion and decide to extend your stay, please notify the Reunion Headquarters as soon as possible. In some cases, your room may have been reassigned to another classmate and alternative arrangements will have to be made.

Hospitality Room

Several rooms have been set aside for classmates commuting to the Reunion to use for freshening up, changing clothes, or resting. Keys to these rooms may be obtained at the Reunion Headquarters in Quincy House.

If you live near Cambridge and plan to sleep at home, we hope you will still participate along with your spouse and /or children. While we all probably have fond memories of our old rooms, we have to bear in mind that Harvard’s rooms, while quaint and historic, have relatively modest conveniences. (See “What to Pack”). For example, in some cases, bathrooms may be shared. On the other hand, any disadvantages are no doubt outweighed by the benefits of central location and the limitless opportunities for socializing with classmates.